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Discover just why MUST is one of the leading universities in Malaysia. From our award winning staff to our unique teaching pedagogy, MUST is truly equipped to be the university of choice for students who are looking to make a brighter future.

President’s Message

One of the most diverse, and rising universities in the country. Located in Kota Damansara, a thriving part of the Klang Valley, our city campus gives our growing student population a dynamic and befitting place to pursue their studies. We are committed to students’ success in education and their future. We offer undergraduate programmes in the fields of science, technology and business, strengthened with the needed foundational skills —such as critical and constructive thinking, identifying and solving problems, and excellence in communication —as well as selective, high- quality postgraduate programmes.

We are committed to students’ success in education and their future.

Our students also engage in a variety of events and are involved in exciting non-academic activities to enhance their campus experience at MUST. They meet new people and make lifelong friends through student clubs and organizations. They get a chance to give back to the community through various projects. Their cultural horizons expand through interactions with fellow students from abroad and they build meaningful relationships with students, faculty and staff who want to see them excel and succeed. Being a point of access to higher education for students and as partners in economic and social development, we educate and guide our students to become the business and community leaders who will propel the economy. While we are constantly growing in number, we continue to strive to provide them with one-to- one guidance from their professors.

Thank you for your interest in MUST. We look forward to seeing you on campus.