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COMING SOON-Colloquium 2019​ (30th July – 2nd August 2019) READ MORE!
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COMING SOON-Convocation 2019​ (12th October 2019)


Discover just why MUST is one of the leading universities in Malaysia. From our award winning staff to our unique teaching pedagogy, MUST is truly equipped to be the university of choice for students who are looking to make a brighter future.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, President, Executive Committee members, faculty and staff, I wish to thank you for choosing Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST). MUST is strategically located between the crossroads of ideas, cultures and limitless experiences and opportunities.

We are all trying hard so that our students are provided with the academic tools and practical skills to contribute to the ongoing growth and transformation. This will make our students fit for the purpose and equipped with knowledge, skill and attitude. Without a doubt, the best part of MUST is its faculty members. Each member of the university community is mindful of the institution. Certainly MUST is a place of highly regarded academic programs, talented and enthusiastic faculty, and staff who care deeply about students.

I am proud to belong to this vibrant university community and together we shall make a difference.

To succeed excellence, MUST is committed in developing both local and global partnerships with universities, institutes of higher learning and giants of the industry. We strongly believe that these partnerships are sources of our strength in all our endeavours. I am proud to belong to this vibrant university community and together we shall make a difference. I have myself invested a great deal of time and energy in creating strong foundations for the University. We have set new directions. Our priorities are :

  1. Building a world class faculty
  2. Investing in innovative pedagogy
  3. Getting to the core mission of the university which is to develop, design and implement academic programs that will produce highly skilled graduates in various academic fields