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Post Graduate Colloquium - 22nd to 24th February
It was an extraordinary experience for our postgraduate students as they travel all the way from their home country to attend the one of its kind colloquium in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. This is the 3rd colloquium organized by Malaysia University of Science and Technology, supported by Education Malaysia in Vietnam. During the colloquium, fellow students were able to present the progress of their research to their supervisor and discuss some of their thoughts among their peers. They also learned about literature review and the flow of a scholar thought process in their journey from our faculty Prof. Dr. Lester. Besides that, Prof. Dr. Harwindar also gave a very motivating talk on "Good to Great" which further inspired the future doctorate holders. Accompanied by some great Vietnamese food and friendly hospitality culture, the event brought together knowledge and experience. It is generally hoped that such event will be organized from time to time to expose our students to differences in culture and environment, such that it will spark more ideas and persprectives in their area of research.
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Registration Day for Early Engagement Program - Feb'17

A new year for a new beginning! Following the positive feedback from previous Early Engagement Program, our university has begun the new session for year 2017. Excited parents came as early as 8.30 a.m. to get their beloved children registered under the program. The program was initially set up to engage post-SPM school leavers as they are prone to lose their discipline in studying after a long holiday. It became unexpectedly popular among parents who are eager to send children into the university before the release of the results. During the four to six months program, students are given a sneak preview of what university classes entails. They will also be able to pick up soft-skills required in the university even before they are in their diploma classes. Faculty members also recommended this program as it reduces the difficulties faced by students who are lacking in communication skills, presentation skills and computer literacy. We would like to express our gratitude for those who have engaged themselves into the program, and we shall assist you in preparing yourself for the challenges in your university life!

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