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Registration Day for Early Engagement Program - Feb'17

A new year for a new beginning! Following the positive feedback from previous Early Engagement Program, our university has begun the new session for year 2017. Excited parents came as early as 8.30 a.m. to get their beloved children registered under the program. The program was initially set up to engage post-SPM school leavers as they are prone to lose their discipline in studying after a long holiday. It became unexpectedly popular among parents who are eager to send children into the university before the release of the results. During the four to six months program, students are given a sneak preview of what university classes entails. They will also be able to pick up soft-skills required in the university even before they are in their diploma classes. Faculty members also recommended this program as it reduces the difficulties faced by students who are lacking in communication skills, presentation skills and computer literacy. We would like to express our gratitude for those who have engaged themselves into the program, and we shall assist you in preparing yourself for the challenges in your university life!

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Leadership Camp - Jan'17

Malaysia University of Science and Technology organized a two day Leadership camp for its staff. This event was held on 14-15th January 2017 at Klana Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Heading the training session was none other than our President, Prof. Dr. Premkumar, who has given the staff not only the information, but also the essential tools to be on top of the game in the niche of education industry. The purpose of the two days camp was to develop leadership potential and to enrich staff personalities. A wide variety of activities took place during the two days camp: Team Meetings (brainstorming skills, designing & presentations on special interest topics etc.); Creative Period Sessions (creating/contributing to a camp activity) and Leadership Labs (understanding techniques and responsibilities, sharing ideas). The leadership camp provided the campers with motivation and enthusiasm for a super fantastic year on strategic planning as well as friendships and memories for a lifetime.

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