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Industrial Talk - Diploma Series ( Royal Customs of Malaysia )
An eye-opening session by Tuan Basharuddin Bin Abdullah from the Royal Customs of Malaysia was especially arranged by the Transport & Logistic Club (T&L) to all our School of Transport & Logistic (STL's) students! Around 180 Diploma students benefited from the talk as the officer has explain laws and regulation in the Royal Customs Department along with real case-scenario of freight crime and law-offenders.

As the global business gets more connected today, global logistics becomes increasing important. Those who are exposed to today's session will of course have the upper hand in the exposure of the custom law which is the backbone of the logistics process. We do hope that the Transport and Logistics Club can organize more of such event to further sharpen the edge of our logistics graduates. 
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Study tour program with University of Management and Technology of Lahore, Pakistan
The day was unusually cheerful as we receive 18 students from University of Management and Technology of Lahore, Pakistan attending a study tour program. Prof Dr. Premkumar took the opportunity to give a short lecture to the MBA students, and it was a deep session. The delegation spent a day in the campus gaining insights from the president. On the second day, they were brought for a visit to Guppy Plastic Industries. The tour went on to a site visit of their manufacturing process, it was indeed an eye educational event for the MBA students. Malaysia University of Science and Technology will be glad to have such program in the long run to assist more and more entrepreneurs to be exposed to various industries in Malaysia.

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